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You Only Need Your Phone

Not everyone among us is a professional video editor by nature or is blessed with a high configuration PC to edit videos on the Windows OS or Mac OS. I know that there are more people like me who want to do video editing on their phones.

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That’s why I have specially made this piece to teach you, how you can make the video edits on your phone without needing any technical skills. If you’re able to make a call with your phone, you will be able to edit the videos as well.…

Editing Secrets

Back in the good ole’ days, the video editing process involved using scissors to cut footage which would later be attached in the correct order with a tape. Later, large computing systems were used to do video editing.  But since the introduction of new and advanced features in iPhones, what we do with them has remarkably changed.…

Professionally Edit Videos

There are different applications that could be used in editing a video on your iPhone. One simple—yet could produce professional results— an app you can try is iMovie.

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Great Video Shoot

Shooting an excellent quality video with an iPhone is not as easy as many excited iPhone owners would want to believe. Indeed, when it comes to video shooting, even the most professional videographer handling high-end cameras like the GoPro will readily admit that there is always room for learning.


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Become A Success

Is it possible to make an Oscar-winning movie using only one finger?
Holiday videos can become an extremely successful clip with little talent, a few clips, and smart applications   We all have holiday videos by phone or tablet, but what do we do with them afterward?  Here is how you can use our phone, tablet or computer to make an impression with family videos?…

iPhone 6 Movie

In the amazing world of technology, you can break all the barriers of creativity; you can do anything you want. You can use any kind of technology in your professional work or just for fun. As I am discussing that, how we can make movies with our iPhone 6. iPhone is the biggest invention in the world of technology, an iPhone makes your life fast, portable, stylish and last but not the least a good gadget for IPHONEGRAPHY as well.

You can make movies with your iPhone 6 at anywhere; you can carry your phone as a video camera and take hardcore shoots anywhere.…

On A Budget

As each day raises it comes with its features, people have become creative these days, they make things that seem hard if you can think for yourself. Having a right mind will promote the growth of technology. People don’t sleep, they keep on thinking of what they can do that will generate some cash for them, and thus they have to gather all the relevant information that will help them in fulfilling what they desire. iPhone offers a lot of features that not all the others can provide, the features are great and they make you feel the goodness in them.…

Pro-Leve Production

Gone are the days when you would need expensive DSLR’s or expensive equipment to shoot professional looking videos and pictures. All you need now is an iPhone and some basic equipment and you’re good to go! Read the article ahead to find out what you need to shoot pro-level videos and photos with your iPhone-…

Awesome Movies

Have you always dreamt of producing a kickass movie but lack the equipment and funds needed to do so? Hold up! Do not give up on your dreams just yet!


Would you believe me if I were to tell you that there is absolutely no need to purchase any fancy equipment to produce blockbuster movies when you’ve got a perfectly functional iPhone up to your sleeve?…