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How to make Movies with iPhone 6

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How to make Movies with iPhone 6

July 6, 2018      In production No Comments

iPhone 6 Movie

In the amazing world of technology, you can break all the barriers of creativity; you can do anything you want. You can use any kind of technology in your professional work or just for fun. As I am discussing that, how we can make movies with our iPhone 6. iPhone is the biggest invention in the world of technology, an iPhone makes your life fast, portable, stylish and last but not the least a good gadget for IPHONEGRAPHY as well.

You can make movies with your iPhone 6 at anywhere; you can carry your phone as a video camera and take hardcore shoots anywhere. Don’t look anywhere for your video making if you have an iPhone 6.

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Before you start shooting with your iPhone 6 you need to focus on this:
• Find a place where no one comes and disturb you while you’re shooting.
Check your iPhone 6 space before you start shooting.
• Put your iPhone on silent mode.
• Turn of all the notification bells.
• Use a portable tripod stand for a clear shot.
• Light up your videos.
• Use a good headphone for clear sound recording.
• Make a focus zone on horizontal shooting point.
• Don’t zoom in your iPhone camera.
• Then use good videos editing software’s on your computer.

You don’t need any heavy equipment to fulfill your desire movie making, all you need to focus on some things and start shooting.

So let’s start making movies with your iPhone 6 as Professional.

Ideas Of A Movie:
Think carefully and prepared a plan first, that what you are going to shoot, what is your desired position, what is your desire shot then start shooting. Use your mind as a blank paper and start creating things on it, then start exactly the same which is hiding in your mind map.

When You Are Ready To Shoot:
Check all your settings before you start making movie clean up your glass and remove all the dust particles from your camera for clear HD shot. In my opinion 1080p HD is the great feature for iPhone 6 and an iPhone 6 is also can shoot 4k as optional. Put your iPhone on silent or Airplane mode to get rid of any distractions.

• Check your sound system before start shooting.
• Use separate headphones.
• Take the shot from very close, so you can record a clear voice.
• The first record a little of the movie then play and check the sound is OK?

Set Your Camera To A Good Position:
The position of a camera is very important for your filmmaking, because if your camera is set at the good point then your shot is automatically being captured fabulously. Place your camera where no distraction in the backplane area.

The Right Way To Use Exposure:
Choose the best place for shooting and try to stay away from heavy lighting, if possible. Lock the exposure to tap and hold on the focus part of the movie. You really need to focus on this because it is not easy to use this feature from iPhone 6.

iphone video
Action For Your Movie:
• Press the red button to start.
• Shoot 15 sec on every clip.
• Press the red button to stop again.
• Play and review your 15 sec clip to sure yourself.
• At last, use good software to merge these clips, and make an excellent movie from your own iPhone 6.

Points To Remember:
Always use the best natural’s effects in your editing; if you work hard in this part of your movie then it will look more beautiful.

Make yourself very organized for the editing section because if you are not paying attention to the editing portion, the hard work you will do before editing is going to hell. Because the editing is the basic part of any movie made.
Keep your file safe and keep saving your stuff carefully.

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