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How to Professionally Edit Videos on Your iPhone

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How to Professionally Edit Videos on Your iPhone

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Professionally Edit Videos

There are different applications that could be used in editing a video on your iPhone. One simple—yet could produce professional results— an app you can try is iMovie.

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First of all, since you are using iPhone, unlike any other phone, there is already an assurance that you are going to get a high-quality video which is going to be used in your project. So utilize that and try your best to get a good footage. But for adjustments and even more professional editing, using iMovie is easy. Here’s how:

1. Start by opening the iMovie app. Create a project, select Movie, and you can choose among available templates but you can always start with the “Simple Template.”

As you open your project, you can already see the whole interface with your Assets, Project Files, Playback Monitor, and Timeline.

2. On the upper right side of your interface, choose the video file you want to edit and click on the down arrow dragging it down to the timeline so you can now start your editing.

You can zoom in, zoom out, and scan left and right through your timeline by just pinching in and out and tapping in left and right.

3. On the timeline, you can trim your video by just dragging on the start of the video to the part where you want your project to begin. You can do the same to the end of the video to remove the unnecessary parts.

You can remove some middle parts by using the Split. Click on the part of the timeline where you want to start splitting a portion, and then click on where you also want it to end. Select this clip, then Delete.

You can also reorder the clips by just dragging each to the parts where you want to place it.

4. To add music, choose the audio file you want to use from the project files pane, and then click on the down arrow and drag it down to the part below your video on the timeline. Align the audio track to the video. You can trim out the parts, and you can also move its position by just dragging left or right. Then adjust its volume levels through the volume slider, and monitor it on the waveform bar.

5. For b-rolls, choose the file and click on the 3 dots instead of the down arrow, then choose the icon with two boxes, and drag down to timeline. Place it above your base video on the timeline.

6. To create your video’s title, click on the titles option and choose the type of title and animation you want to use then adjust the position of text, then type in.

7. Add transitions to your clips like wipe, slide, dissolve, fade by just clicking on the transitions options.
8. You may also do some color correction and choosing from the filters and applying it to either individual clips or by setting it as the project color.

9. Apply fade-ins and outs to the start and end of both your video and audio tracks as desired.

10. Lastly, to export your project, simply click Done and you can now have it saved to your phone, or directly shared to any online platforms.

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