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How To Shoot An Excellent Video Using Your iPhone

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How To Shoot An Excellent Video Using Your iPhone

August 26, 2018      In production No Comments

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Shooting an excellent quality video with an iPhone is not as easy as many excited iPhone owners would want to believe. Indeed, when it comes to video shooting, even the most professional videographer handling high-end cameras like the GoPro will readily admit that there is always room for learning.


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Similarly, shooting a video with an iPhone involves so much, from understanding the lighting conditions to making certain settings adjustment to ensure you end up with the best quality video. Let us look at some tried and tested methods that make this seemingly arduous task fairly easier to accomplish.

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Understand Your Lighting

If you intend to record the video indoors, ensure the area is well-lit so as to prevent the videos from looking too grainy. However, there are key things to avoid here. Most importantly, never combine light sources because your video could end up with different color casts, thereby affecting its quality.

Therefore, if you are shooting indoors, insist on one source of light so as to give the camera an easy time. Continuous Fluorescent Lighting-kits that use compact fluorescent bulbs is recommended for indoor shooting because of the uniformity of the lighting that they give.


Don’t Rely On Your iPhone’s Battery

It doesn’t matter whether your iPhone is fully charged or not, video shooting is a battery-draining exercise that will give you lots of unpleasant surprises if you are not careful. There are two ways to overcome these unpleasant surprises. If you’re shooting indoors, you could plug the iPhone into an outlet.


While this has a limitation on the distance you can move while doing the shooting, it is a free alternative that ensures power supply is consistent. If you’re shooting outdoors, you could use a battery pack. Of course, they come at a cost but the best thing is, you won’t be tied to shooting from one spot throughout.


Avoid Using The Camera App

The iPhone app was not meant to record high-quality videos. Instead of using the app, you could go for a premium video-recording app such as Filmic Pro. When selecting a premium video-recording app, look at certain features such as the ability to choose higher Video-Bitrate.

Since these premium apps come with higher video-bitrates, you can then add that to the standard bitrate found in your iPhone app and come up with superb video quality. Another advantage of choosing premium video-recording apps is because they enable you to record at various frame rates as well as improving the focus and exposure of your iPhone.


The AF/AE Should Be Set And Locked

The AF [Auto Focus] and the AE [Auto Exposure] features should be adjusted before beginning your video shooting. When the AF is placed over a certain area, the iPhone will immediately switch its focus to the target area and will therefore not change the focus to any adjacent areas or objects.


The AE works nearly the same, increasing exposure on the subject you wish to shoot. The tools are turned on by the following simple procedure;

  • Go to Settings
  • Proceed to Camera
  • Then to Reticle where you choose DUAL


Avoid Bad Quality Video Sound

Its believed that many people would rather watch a poor quality video with excellent sound than a high-quality video with terrible audios. The best place to begin is to ensure you are as close to the sound source as possible so the background noises do not mask the desired audio.


Also, the sound quality is already clear enough because as you’re simply recording and not fine-tuning the audio, you’re likely to end up with the exact audio quality from the sound source. One way to take it a notch higher is to buy high-quality microphones that plug well into your iPhone so as to improve the quality of the sound.


When all the above have been taken care of, remember to choose horizontal because it gives you a wider field of view and the iPhone is also easier to handle this way. You might also want to put the iPhone on airplane mode to avoid any distractions while shooting your videos.

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