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Apps That Turn You Into A Successful Director

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Apps That Turn You Into A Successful Director

July 10, 2018      In production No Comments

Become A Success

Is it possible to make an Oscar-winning movie using only one finger?
Holiday videos can become an extremely successful clip with little talent, a few clips, and smart applications   We all have holiday videos by phone or tablet, but what do we do with them afterward?  Here is how you can use our phone, tablet or computer to make an impression with family videos?


  • Windows Movie Maker“, it is simple to use and allows you to mount movies and is intended for those who know how to use a computer, except for mobile device fans.
  • “Magisto”, is an application that you can make very nice, movies using the videos you already have on your smartphone or tablet and makes extremely spectacular endings for which you would normally need a team of video editors and animators.
    For example, in Romania, there have been many series that have been filmed with the mobile phone due to the lack of performance equipment.
  • The series was shot with the iPhone 7 plus. The team had four phones: filming two at a time (the other two were used when downloading the first ones)
  • Filmed with DJ Osmo stabilizers
  • Due to the iPhone 7 configuration with two lenses (no adjustable lenses), the images were taken directly with the phone’s optics without additional lenses. THE ADVANTAGE? With phones and pockets, stabilizers cover much better 360 degrees without reorganizing the elements in the frame.
  • An application of 9.99 $-Filmic Pro – has been used. The application allows a number of settings during shooting
  • 90% of the frames are filmed with spotlight available. It is filming in places, not in plateaus.
  • The sound was captured separately and synchronized during the installation.
  • Work in classic mode doubles mounted and edited later.
    First of all, you should know that video is done horizontally. No vertical materials as you need to fill an entire screen.
    But who is gonna hold the phone?
  • You can use a tripod. If you do not have help and you have to create a”3rd person ” style, a selfie stick might prove extremely useful.  Enlightenment is a much more complex issue. The sun must always be behind you so that the subject is always lit when filming outdoors.

A simple arrangement with three lamps, used by today ‘s director to remove shadows, will be enough when filming indoors.  Let’s not forget the focus. This will be extremely important in every scene, especially if you take into account the fact that you will not have the depth of the picture that cinematic production enjoy.


In terms of sound, you can opt for some adapters built specially for the smartphone or even record the sound separately for later insertion into the editing phase.
Many of those using iPhone opt for Filmic Pro. But if you want to go faster than editing to publishing the material, iMovie in iOS would enough.

Let’s not forget about youtube and all the work done on this platform.
Most tutorials, vlogs are filmed with the phone.


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