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What You Need To Shoot Pro-Level Video And Photos With Your iPhone

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What You Need To Shoot Pro-Level Video And Photos With Your iPhone

July 5, 2018      In production No Comments

Pro-Leve Production

Gone are the days when you would need expensive DSLR’s or expensive equipment to shoot professional looking videos and pictures. All you need now is an iPhone and some basic equipment and you’re good to go! Read the article ahead to find out what you need to shoot pro-level videos and photos with your iPhone-


The first investment that you need to make to shoot pro-level videos and photos with your iPhone is proper lighting. Whether you’re making videos or using your iPhone for photography, lighting plays a very important role. Even though the iPhone comes with a good camera, it still struggles to produce good images in dim lighting.


Therefore, while shooting indoors its essential that you invest in video lighting kits that are very easily available online.

In addition to lighting kits, you can also use lamps that you already have at home.



A tripod is an important piece of equipment that you must invest in. The first sign of an amateur video is how shaky the video is. A tripod helps in
producing smooth videos which give your videos a very professional look. Another alternative to the tripod is a handheld mount. These can be set up anywhere in no time at all.

Besides eliminating shakiness, a tripod or a stand helps you shoot from different and unique angles.



The most important part of a good video is good audio. Even though your iPhone can pick up audio fairly well, in order to get better sound quality, it is important that you invest in a microphone.

A microphone not only helps in eliminating the background noise, but it also helps in improving the overall video aesthetics. You can start off with the most basic microphones that plug into your phone, lapel microphones or wireless microphones.


Just like you would add lenses to DSLR’s, you can also add external lenses to the iPhone camera to enhance its picture-taking abilities. Whether you want to take better close-ups, use the camera to zoom, these additional lenses help you with it.

You can find lens kits that come with the basic lenses to help you get started. Most of them come equipped with wide-angle lenses, fisheye lenses, and macro lenses.


Editing software

Now that you’re done shooting videos and photos, it’s time to edit them to get the perfect result. No matter how good your pictures are, apps help to remove each little imperfection. These apps are easily available on the app store for free and you can choose an app depending upon your skill.

In case of videos, it is best to use video editing software like iMovie to get professional looking videos!


Additional tips

Even with the best of equipment, it is necessary that you adhere to the following tips-

  • Always shoot videos horizontally so that they can be viewed in full screen on all apps
  • Always keep your iPhone charger connected, otherwise, the battery might drain while filming
  • Make sure you have enough storage in your phone so that you don’t lose footage

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