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How To Make Perfect Videos With iPhone X

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How To Make Perfect Videos With iPhone X

June 27, 2019      In production No Comments

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Many people are using iPhone X today because it has a lot of useful features. Its professional grade camera is believed to be one of the best features found in this unit. You will be able to create a high-quality video when using this powerful device. This article will share some great tips about how to make perfect videos with iPhone X. After you follow some of these tips, you will be able to make professional grade videos with your own iPhone.


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  1. Setup your iPhone’s Camera Correctly


It is highly recommended for you to set up your iPhone’s camera first before you start recording your video. The latest iPhone X has a good ability to shoot 4K with 60 frames per second. This feature can give you smooth motion on your video while providing ultra-sharp 4K video resolution. If you are in a room with the low light condition, you need to switch the setting into 4K with 30 frames per second. Make sure you select the best setting for your iPhone’s camera.


  1. Use a Stabilizer


If you plan to create a high-quality video from your iPhone X, you may want to consider buying a new stabilizer for your camera. You should use a strong tripod or monopod, especially when you need to create static video footage. Gimbal is another popular tool that can be used to stabilize your video. This tool is suitable for vlogging and also recording any fast-moving activities, such as skateboarding, surfing, running, and many other activities. You can use this powerful tool for creating smooth shots with incredible cinematic motion.

  1. Select the Best Third Party Application


Not many people know about this secret. If you want to create high-quality videos with your iPhone X, you should also install the best video recording application. ProMovie Recorder is believed to be one of the best apps for iPhone X. This app is pretty popular among many iPhone users. You will be able to set up all parameters or settings, for example, aspect ratio, resolution, video frame rate, and also the quality of the video. Make sure that you set up everything based on your lighting condition, distance to the object, object movement, etc.


  1. Stop Shooting Vertically


This is another secret that you need to know, especially if you want to know how to create good videos with your own iPhone X. When you record your video vertically, there will be an unwanted black frame on your video. Horizontal shooting is believed to be the best way of recording high-quality video. This shooting method is believed to be the best way to create a fullscreen HD video.


It should never have to be difficult for you to create high-quality videos on the iPhone. You only need to follow some of those tips above before you can start recording your favorite videos quickly. Make sure that you set up all settings on your iPhone before you can start using this powerful unit. When your iPhone is used properly, it can also act similarly with the regular professional camera.


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