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Learn the Secrets of Professional Video Editing Using Your iPhone

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Learn the Secrets of Professional Video Editing Using Your iPhone

September 24, 2018      In production No Comments

Editing Secrets

Back in the good ole’ days, the video editing process involved using scissors to cut footage which would later be attached in the correct order with a tape. Later, large computing systems were used to do video editing.  But since the introduction of new and advanced features in iPhones, what we do with them has remarkably changed.


Today, iPhones can be used to do some very professional video editing. Saying that might scare you. You may be thinking that you need more advanced and sophisticated technologies to edit and produce a high rated video. Your iPhone can do that too. In this article, you will learn the 4 secrets to professional video editing your iPhone.

The new world of video editing possibility with iPhone is credited, though not solely, to iMovie application. Latest generations of iPhones come with this application pre-installed. This app boasts powerful algorithms that enable you to experience a flawless video editing. Literally. There are other third party software though, that are compatible with iPhone should you decide not to use iMovie. All the same, you need to get some things right in order to produce quality videos.

The first secret to have a rewarding experience with video editing is to learn the basics. In order to be a professional in video editing, just like any other aspect of technology, you have to learn some conventional best working practices. It is true that many experts in any field broke some rules. But it is the first step to learn those basic rules first. You have to familiarize yourself with the best time to take photos and the implications of having sunlight at different angles. With iPhone, you will not be able to adjust the quality of images, you only get a platform to work with what you already have.

iphoneBeware with video footage. Professional video editing requires a well thought out and calculated steps. While using your iPhone to record videos, you should adjust the lights, sound and more importantly when to hold a shot. I recommend holding a shot after every 10 seconds. This will produce quality footage.

Be selective with the effects. There are very many effects that come with iMovie and any third party video editing application. In order to look professional, for instance, you will have to be keen on the image transitions. Your first thing if you are new, is to familiarize yourself with all these effects and transitions in order to choose the best for a specific video.

Finally, practice. With regular practice, you will soon be able to produce quality video. If this is your dream, you have to invest in it. I used to set aside 2 hours daily to record and edit videos. It was the best thing that I ever did. With time, I became a pro in it.

Video editing should not a reserve for high rated gadgets. Your iPhone can do just that. If you pay close attention to the details highlighted in this article, you will soon transform your iPhone into a video editing machine.

We appreciate you visiting our site.  We hope you have gained a little more knowledge regarding video editing with your iPhone.  If you have any questions, please contact us.   If you have any other tips that we may share here, please share your tips as well.

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