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How Do You Make Video Edits On Your Phone?

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How Do You Make Video Edits On Your Phone?

October 9, 2018      In production No Comments

You Only Need Your Phone

Not everyone among us is a professional video editor by nature or is blessed with a high configuration PC to edit videos on the Windows OS or Mac OS. I know that there are more people like me who want to do video editing on their phones.

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That’s why I have specially made this piece to teach you, how you can make the video edits on your phone without needing any technical skills. If you’re able to make a call with your phone, you will be able to edit the videos as well.


Video Edit
Let’s learn the easy and fun way to edit your videos on your phone below:

I’m going to teach you to edit the videos via Film application which you can download from your play store/app store for free. After downloading the application, you will obviously have to open it! You’ll see the “Gallery” option on your screen, selecting which will let you choose the video/videos stored on your phone. You will need to choose the videos you want to edit. After that, you can press the play button to see a preview of your videos that you want to edit.

Let’s go to the actual editing part:

You can start editing by pressing the scissor-shaped icon placed on the top left corner of your phone. Now you will see all your videos lined up in a sequence. Here you’ll need to tap and hold on each video and place it where you want it to appear in a sequence. Suppose you have three videos i.e. VC1, VC2, and VC3. Now you want VC2 to appear first when you start the video. For that, you’ll tap and hold VC2 and place it at the top of the sequence.

video edit
In order to trim the videos, you need to drag the sliders present on each video and place them where you want the video to start or stop from that particular clip. Adjust the slider on each video as per your needs. You will use the left slider on each video to set the starting place of that video. Now if you don’t want the video clip to run till the end, just adjust the right slider and set it where you want the video to stop and move on to the next clip.

Now here comes the fun part:

You have successfully edited the videos, so far if you are here with me. I’m proud of you! Now the fun part is to add a good thumbnail of your choice to your video. You will find the option to edit the thumbnail of a video at the bottom of your screen by pressing at the left side of your video clip showing two little sliders. You will find Delete, Speed, split, Copy and rotate options at the bottom of this video clip. You can use these options to delete a video clip, make it faster, slip a clip into two, make a duplicate copy of a video clip and rotate a video clip respectively.

Now if you want to change the orientation of your video, you need to press the third icon from left to right above the video preview which is a square filled with dots. Here you can set to display your video in either portrait mode, square or wide format. I really hope you enjoyed learning to make video edits on your phone with me.

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